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The NextGen V-Market™ is an innovative, online shopping place offering a complete menu of creative and Go-to-Market services—-all in one virtual location. No extensive RFP’s, agency interviews, bait-and-switch tactics, or management challenges with hiring multiple marketing agencies to achieve one integrated market launch.

At the NextGen Marketing Group™ we have simplified the entire process for shopping for and procuring marketing services for your business. From traditional creative and advertising to emerging technology platforms like mobile, interactive collateral, video marketing platforms, social media, and digital display mediums. The NextGen V-Market™ can be your one stop shopping destination for all marketing services you could possibly ever need—all available at a click of your mouse:


Advertising, Branding, and Creative Design Services

If you need small, medium, or large advertising campaigns developed across traditional (print, radio, television, outdoor) and interactive/online mediums, the V-Market™ can provide you with a terrific menu of options and ideas.

Our V-Market™ partners have world-class creative capabilities and credentials—but don’t charge ridiculous rates that the “big” traditional agencies normally charge. You also work directly with the “A” team resources who design and execute your advertising campaigns.


Interactive Collateral and e-Brochures

In today’s competitive business environment, how you communicate your company story and value proposition is critical. So many time traditional email flyers, PDF’s, static brochures and printed leaflets don’t get read or are simply thrown in the trash by your prospect. So, why not take advantage of new technologies that bring these marketing pieces “to-life”? Create an experience and really tell your company story in a captivating fashion that creates a terrific impression and stirs action? Sound good?

Well, at the NextGen Marketing Group™ we are proud to offer new, innovative interactive solutions for your marketing and sales collateral. These new platforms create a document that you can integrate into your website and email marketing campaigns that have full motion, embedded video and audio, and communicate a powerful story to your prospects and customers. Click on the links below to view our partner solutions and an example of how interactive collateral can help your company:







Marketing Events

If you need help designing, staging or managing a strategic marketing event for your company, we can help you all throughout the process. Both our NextGen Braintrust™ executives and our V-Market™ partners below have national and international experience in these areas. This could be something very simple like a customer appreciation event, product launch celebration, radio remote publicity event or something more complex like a trade show or shareholder meeting. Contact us to arrange a briefing so we can custom design a marketing event for your company.




Market/Sales Staffing

If hiring an interim marketing/sales executive does not fit your strategy, but you have immediate or anticipated openings for high quality talent on a full-time basis, the NextGen Marketing Group™ can help you find, interview and select these resources. We have affiliate partners that specialize in recruitment and securing top candidates for your open positions. Our NextGen Braintrust™ can also help you interview these candidates based on our real-world experience hiring and managing teams of resources. Our experience, business connections and vast resources can be a terrific strategic resource during this process. We have years of experience developing high quality marketing/sales teams and can work with you to simplify the process and help you find the very best fit for your business needs.







Mobile Marketing

Most consumers and business executives now spend a great deal of time using and interacting with mobile wireless devices—cell phones, smart phones, PDA’s, etc. In fact, wireless usage and penetration continue to expand globally and new, exciting applications and devices are being introduced all the time. This trend is expected to continue. So, when marketing to your target prospects and customers, having the ability to send marketing messages, special offers, promotions and advertisements directly to their mobile devices is becoming a significant and efficient way to drive your message and new sales . Younger demographics in particular use these devices as their primary communications and information interface to the world.



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