Experts Introduction


Welcome to the NextGen Marketing Group™ expert resources catalog. In this section of our website, you can view detailed bios, expertise, qualifications and services offered by our various experts, guru’s and talents across the NextGen BrainTrust™, VMarket™ and MarkeTECH communities. These individuals or small firms are resources available to work with your company to help you design and implement powerful and effective marketing programs.

To meet them, click the links below:

Meet our NextGen BrainTrust™ Affiliate Experts (Marketing Consultants)
Meet our NextGen VMarket™ Experts (Creative/Advertising/Go-To-Market)
Meet our NextGen MarkeTECH Experts (Technology)

As you tour our expert resource communities, please note that we have placed “Service Identifiers” on each resource listing representing which Client Rate Program they participate in. Also, if they have a personalized hourly rate apart from our standardized packages, those rates are listed as well.


Here is the key you should look for as you scan our expert resource communities:


(H) – Hourly Advisory Sessions

(M) – Monthly Flat Rate Packages

(CP) – Custom Proposals

(CR) – Custom Resource Programs

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