Company Overview


The NextGen Marketing Group™ is an innovative national marketing firm that offers businesses of all shapes and sizes affordable access to a comprehensive suite of world-class marketing resources through a range of affordable client programs and payment structures; leveraging an advanced business model to maximize resource productivity, minimize costs and efficiently match up talent, resources and solutions to your specific business and marketing challenges.




Our business model is constructed purposefully leveraging the most advanced cloud-based virtual technologies to facilitate effective and efficient communications and collaboration across all of our resource communities and with our clients. We use these technologies internally and with clients to speed up productivity, improve information sharing, and match up talent and resources to specific business challenges. Desktop videoconferencing, web conferencing, cloud document management and file sharing technologies and live chat are just a few of the platforms we leverage to keep our costs down (and our client rates), tap into expertise regardless of geography, and move work along as quickly as possible producing outstanding results for our clients.



NextGen BrainTrust - a national team of experienced marketing experts consisting of former marketing executives at top companies and marketing firms, former CMO’s, subject matter experts and individual knowledge guru’s—all available to work with your company as Advisors, Interim or Contracted Workers, or Strategic/Tactical Project Leaders.

NextGen VMarketa national team of freelance, small and nimble firms, specialty agencies, or larger and more comprehensive advertising partners who work with our clients to design and implement powerful and effective marketing campaigns. Experts in our VMarket™ are available to work directly with our clients as Advisors or through specific projects hired under one of our client programs.

NextGen MarkeTECH -  a national team of technology experts and partners who offer new, enabling technology solutions designed to help your business take advantage of all the new advancements in web, virtual, cloud and mobile technologies—as you design and manage your company’s marketing/sales programs. These services complement your strategic marketing programs to optimize your use of your marketing budget and available marketing resources.



Hourly Advisory or Working Sessions – clients can connect with our team of advisors and experts across all three (3) resource communities to gain insights, reviews and/or ideas on how to accelerate/improve your marketing effectiveness. Resources are available to work with you on an hourly basis– virtually leveraging our cloud technologies, onsite at your premises, or in a hybrid structure. Affordable hourly rates are posted on our site for each resource available through this program.

Flat Rate Monthly Support Programs – you can also select from one of our affordable monthly flat rate resource payment programs to allocate a budgeted amount of money you spend each moth on marketing support—and spread those hours across whatever resources/experts you need to work with inside our resource communities. You can choose from our Bronze, Silver or Gold packages to fit your resource needs and budget on a monthly basis.

Custom Projects and Resource Retainer Packages – as your resource needs grow, we can work with you to customize a resource and marketing support program—selecting the exact experts and knowledge resources combined with any creative/advertising and/or technology solutions that are desirable from our VMarket™ and MarkeTECH platforms. Programs can be designed to fit your budget on a flat project basis—or under a traditional retainer approach where our resources become dedicated to your project.

Visit the detailed sections of our website to meet our resource experts, view our services and solutions with the VMarket™ and MarkeTECH platforms, and schedule a FREE initial advisory session with one of our guru’s to learn more………………

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