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  • An On-Demand Marketing Eco-System —What Is It?February 16, 2013

    Dear Colleagues:

    If you are a CMO, Marketing VP or Marketing leader in your company, you probably know how difficult, frustrating and costly it can be to find the right external marketing support for your firm—when you need it. Perhaps it is a contracted resource to fill an opening, a consultant to lead a project, or perhaps just outside expertise to review your marketing strategies and provide some fresh ideas. You probably also have experienced the challenges with finding an “agency”—one who can drive creative and branding strategy, advertising, and Go-to-Market campaigns. The agencies parade their “A” team and show you their portfolio of work, but reality sets in after you hire them and realize their limitations and even process inefficiencies. Once you get the bill, further reality sets in. Finally, you probably also know that in today’s world, technology and marketing have become intertwined to such an extent, that is impossible to manage one without the other. You know you have to try your best to keep up with all the new technology platforms across the Internet, Cloud Computing, Mobile, Social, Video, etc. So, how do you pull all this off and get results with the right resources within your budget—without creating a management nightmare?

    Well, the NextGen Marketing Group is creating a national (and eventually international) marketing eco-system. A turnkey pool of various marketing resources available to all sizes of businesses—from an entrepreneur and start-up—to a Fortune 500 company. Our professional resource communities consist of talented, experienced and proven marketing professionals (we call our NextGen BrainTrust team) who can be available on-call to drive a strategic project, serve as an Advisor, or come on board as a contracted resource (or even rent-to-hire) to fill an open position; a complete resource pool of Go-to-Market creative design and advertising services—ranging from traditional to digital and mobile (we call our VMarket); and a developing resource community of new, enabling technology solutions that can help you manage all your marketing programs and resources efficiently—using the latest and most effective technologies to increase ROI and maximize resource productivity (we call this our MarkeTECH program).

    So, under our new marketing eco-system, we now have the ability to provide clients with a turnkey, one-stop shop set of resources available to you on-demand—for as much help as you need when you need it—affordably. We can also connect you virtually to our resources through HD web video or come to you onsite—whatever makes the most sense. You can choose which experts fit your needs, identify what Go-to-Market services you are interested in, and even select technology platforms of interest. You can also choose which type of payment structure works best for your budget—selecting from Hourly, Flat Monthly, or Customized Rate Programs. Finally, once you become a client of NextGen Marketing Group, you have open access to any of our resources—any time you need them. We also connect you to our cloud—a technology system for real-time communications, collaboration and project management platform for all the work we do. This makes it simple, efficient and productive for everyone.

    Stop living in the past and working under old-school models for your external marketing support needs. Join the NextGen Marketing Group marketing eco-system and access world-class resources and solutions for your business on-demand—affordably.

    Schedule a free advisory session with one of our experts online or call us at 1-877-569-8436.     .