Online Collaboration Networking System


The NextGen Marketing Group™ has developed an advanced, private, internal technology platform called the Online Collaboration Networking System (OCNS). The OCNS platform serves as our “nerve center” to connect our various professional experts, partners and resources across the United States within and across the NextGen BrainTrust™, VMarket™ and MarkeTECH communities. The OCNS allows all our resources the ability to be connected and communicate with each other on a real-time basis through advanced features such as Live Chat, Group Blogs, Group Discussion Boards, File Sharing, Private email, and Desktop Video/Web and Audio Conferencing. The OCNS connects everyone through the “cloud” and allows our team to collaborate effectively on client projects, share ideas/information, and work efficiently to solve client challenges—without waste, inefficiencies and unnecessary costs or delays.





The NextGen Marketing Group™ Online Collaboration Networking System (OCNS) gives our firm a significant competitive advantage over “traditional” marketing consulting firms, agencies and old school business models. We can work without geographic boundaries to make sure we apply the very best resource and expertise to your specific business problem—without hesitation. As you become a client of NextGen Marketing Group™, we can also connect you to our systems to engage with us using these advanced cloud computing and Internet technologies—to support virtual work as well as communicate in-between onsite activities.




Finally, marketing experts who have joined our team realize that the OCNS is a tremendous tool for helping them increase their own productivity and effectiveness. We don’t ship paper or waste time when trying to communicate with each other. The OCNS allows our team to be always-on—always connected and ready to work towards helping your business achieve great marketing success!!