Customized Resource Programs


In addition to our Hourly and Flat Rate Monthly Packages, the NextGen Marketing Group™ can also work with your to design a customized resource program for more extensive support requirements. These programs are typically geared towards longer term or full-time resource engagements such as:

1) Interim Contracted Resources

In the case of a current vacancy on your staff driven by a recent departure, open requisition,new project or new job posting—-we can work with you to fill that position under a discrete contract relationship with the NextGen Marketing Group™. Our resources can be reviewed and selected to join your company as a contracted full-time hire–for an extended term arrangement. Rates are set based on the scope of work, skill level, your available budget, and market benchmarks. These arrangements can be for extended durations and kept very discrete—so your employees do not know our resources are contracted. This determination is made by you and we can accommodate your needs as appropriate in this situation.


2) Interim Transitioning to Permanent Hires (Trial Period)

If it is determined that a NextGen Marketing Group™ contracted resource is a great fit and both parties wish to make it “permanent”, we can also support that requirement. We have a contract in place for the interim work at an agreed upon rate, and if you wish to hire the person, we only charge a modest “finders/conversion fee” to make it happen seamlessly for your company. This is a great approach in today’s world for many companies and allows both your firm and our resource to “test the waters” for a period of time to see how things go before either party commits to a more formal, long term employment situation.


3) Team Resources

If you require more than one of our community resources, we can develop a customized resource proposal that measures the scope of work needed, the resources and time involved, and offer you a specific customized program to meet your needs—for as long as you anticipate the resources being required. You can select resources across any of our available communities—from those who are available.