NextGen BrainTrust™ Services

The NextGen Marketing Group™ offers a high quality, experienced talent pool of marketing experts on our NextGen BrainTrust™ team who can be utilized by your business when you need assistance on strategy, tactics or specific programs dealing with how you market and sell your products and services.

The NextGen BrainTrust™ can be here for periodic outside advisory and coaching sessions to simply review what you are doing and provide suggestions, we can take on specific strategic or tactical projects and drive them for you, or we can become outsourced  resources to fill a current talent vacancy and help you get desired results.

NextGen Marketing Group™ offers 3 different varieties of flexible marketing programs for your business:


1) Strategic Project Leadership


If you have a specific project that is critical to your business, but might not have the optimum internal resources or expertise on staff or available due to work loads, consider hiring one of the experts at the NextGen Marketing Group™ to manage this effort. Our NextGen BrainTrust™ experts can drive these projects for you based on years of previous, applicable experience and deliver first-rate results.

What Types of Projects Are Applicable?

Any marketing, sales, strategy, customer care, or business development project will be considered. Here are some standard projects we can help you with:

Strategic Marketing Plans

Business Plans

Sales & Channel Plans

Hispanic Marketing Plans

Customer Care/CRM Plans

Sales Compensation Programs

Brand Assessments & Strategy

Marketing & Sales Audits

Product Plans

Product Development Process

Product Management

Business & Market Development

Pricing Study & Evaluation

Training Programs

Social Media Strategy

Online & Web Strategy

Executive Coaching Services

Leadership Development Services

Marketing Research Services

Whatever the project, we will discuss the details with you upfront, propose NextGen BrainTrust™ resources that match up with the required knowledge and experience to successfully complete the project, and propose a flat, affordable project fee for the work. Once approved, we can work on-site or virtually using our technology platforms to drive the project to a successful and efficient completion. Prices will be determined by the extent of the project, the number of resources assigned, the amount of work expected, and the balance of on-site vs. virtual work.

2) Advisory Services


In these challenging business times, it can be incredibly helpful to have an outside expert opinion from time-to-time to provide feedback on your business strategy, critical marketing/sales programs and how you are driving your business forward in the marketplace.

The experts within the NextGen BrainTrust™ are very experienced and heavily credentialed business minds who have years of experience in your industry and related field. We can be available as advisors and executive coaches to offer you our advice and counsel—without any internal agendas or biases that would skew our recommendations. Many times internal executives are afraid to be completely honest, have conflicting objectives, or have their own objectives steering their thought process.

We can be available to you to participate periodically in Board or management team meetings, off-site strategy sessions, or simply occasional discussions to review and comment on what you are doing. We will give you our honest and professional opinion to either validate and support some of your business strategies, or recommend a few things you might consider doing instead. As former industry executives, we bring years of experience running similar organizations.

Available Advisory Programs:

  • Virtual or On-Site Meetings
    – our NextGen BrainTrust™ experts can be available “On-Demand” when you need us and “Always-On” via our virtual technologies–to discuss or review critical strategies and programs at your business. We can do this on-site or via virtual meeting platforms. These sessions can be under our “Pay-as-You-Go” plan or one of our simple and affordable flat monthly packages.

  • Board or Advisory Placements
    – our NextGen BrainTrust™ experts are available to become part of your board or advisory board to offer our expertise and thoughts as a regular participant with your company. These placements normally require individual negotiation and contracts for mutual expectations, roles and responsibilities, and executive compensation.


3) Outsourced/Interim Resources

If you have a current vacancy within your organization, are an early-stage company without experienced marketing staff , or would benefit from additional outside expertise—hire one of our talented experts on the NextGen BrainTrust™ team. Our experienced experts have led organizations as CEOs/COOs, or as senior leaders of Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Customer Service, Product Management, Product Development, Corporate Communications, etc. Our experts have world-class credentials and can join forces with your team quickly, without all the traditional recruiting, interviewing, and relocation costs—and have immediate impact.

Why Outsource Your CMO, Executive Position or Marketing Staff to NextGen Marketing Group™?

In challenging economic times, filling open marketing positions with the right fit and doing so quickly and cost effectively is critical for most businesses. You can’t afford for the process to drag out or make a mistake hiring the wrong person who might not fit with your corporate culture or mesh with the management team. Hiring a NextGen BrainTrust™ expert provides some terrific benefits to the traditional approach:

  • Speed
    - our experts can be on-site or on the project within days after your selection.

  • Cost Savings
    – by hiring a NextGen BrainTrust™ expert, you avoid costly recruiting fees, relocation expenses, and fully loaded costs associated with providing benefits.

  • Depth of Expertise
    – every NextGen BrainTrust™ expert can draw from any of our experts on the team for additional insights and expertise on critical marketing strategies and tactics to successfully drive your business forward. So, you not only get a highly credentialed senior executive as your lead, but you also get the experiences and talents of our entire NextGen BrainTrust™ team as a resource to draw from as needed.

  • National and International Business Contacts
    – because of the extensive backgrounds and accomplishments of our NextGen BrainTrust™ experts, we collectively have significant business contacts across the country and around the world. These contacts can be put to terrific use to initiate potential strategic partnerships, sales channels, or even investment opportunities for our clients.

  • Discretion
    – many of our contracts are negotiated where our experts are brought on board very discretely and positioned as full-time employees internally and externally. Our contracts are flexible and we can determine an optimum term of the engagement, mutually comfortable financial terms, and a pre-determined exit timeframe. All of these terms will be very discrete and part of our contract with you.

  • Transition to Full-time
    – in cases where both our client and the NextGen BrainTrust™ expert want to continue the initial relationship, it is entirely possible that the initial contract relationship can be converted to a fulltime position. Many times both parties are excited about the results, the work chemistry is good between the client and our expert, and it makes sense to extend the program.


Outsourced Marketing Resource Pricing

At the NextGen Marketing Group™™, we will openly and honestly negotiate with all clients to find the best mutually acceptable pricing for both parties. For an outsourced expert contract, we normally work to settle on a flat retainer fee that supports a full-time commitment from the selected expert. This fee should be similar to a “salary” for this position within your organization and budget. It is also quite common to establish other incentive compensation tied to specific accomplishments and business results led by the NextGen BrainTrust™ expert. We are open to equity compensation as another form of incentive compensation, but not as a replacement for the flat fee that is negotiated.