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The new NextGen MarkeTECH services community consists of carefully selected strategic partners of our firm who are creating new, emerging technology solutions for businesses that are designed to provide increased efficiencies for leveraging and managing your available marketing/sales resources. In today’s world, the integration of technology and marketing is becoming a reality—these two are inseparable. So many new emerging technology platforms are developing based on cloud computing, virtual technologies, mobile, social media and HD video—that you will be wasting valuable company budget dollars if you don’t embrace these technologies and integrate them into your marketing operation.

The partners we will be selecting to join our MarkeTECH program will be some of the smartest and best providers across the country—pioneering new ground for how these technologies will have a major impact on how companies do business in our world going forward. These services will be coming soon, so for now feel free to contact us to arrange a FREE virtual advisory sessions to discuss how they can help you stretch your marketing dollars. Examples of MarkeTECH services will include, but not be limited to:

Marketing Portals - online marketing systems to manage your campaigns and promotions

Social Media Systems - tools to integrate and manage all your social media posts and track results

Mobile Marketing Research Tools - new SMS-based consumer market research systems that can replace traditional “focus groups”

Virtual Communications and Collaborations Systems - new cloud-based or client-based software that enables multi-locations HD quality video, web, and audio secure online meetings with recording, white-boarding, and file sharing functionality.

Virtual Training Systems - tools to manage your sales teams, distributors and sales channel partners.

Virtual Trade Shows - systems and platforms designed to allow your business to participate in the new world of online and virtual trade shows.

Sales and Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) – online tools to manage your sales team, leads, proposals, forecasting, customer/prospect follow-ups and track revenue.



NextGen Marketing Group MarkeTECH Partners:




Webb Consulting

Webb Consulting, Inc.

Webb Consulting is a Boulder, Colorado-based Company that provides global, on-line sales and marketing solutions that are designed to drive revenue and decrease operational costs for our clients. Webb Consulting has been providing global, online professional services and solutions for clients such as McAfee, Cisco Systems, 3Com, Polycom, Hewlett-Packard and Avaya, to name a few, for over 17 years.

Webb Consulting specializes in providing services such as web strategy, design, development, hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), social media integration, event management, application localization and on-going web support.  In addition, Webb Consulting can help with developing online marketing and communication strategies, user profiles, business and web requirements gathering, as well as, web project management.

Webb Consulting’s solutions include a wide range of powerful, online applications; such as content management systems, event marketing and management tools, marketing stores and Ecommerce solutions, lead generations and proposal applications tools, that are designed to build strong brands and profitable relationships with customers and partners.

At Webb Consulting, we look forward to becoming an extension of your team and helping your company leverage the power of the Internet!


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