Flat Rate Monthly Packages


The NextGen Marketing Group™ has developed several affordable flat rate monthly packages for businesses to obtain a reserved amount of marketing support resources that can be adjusted each month as your needs evolve. Businesses can select from any of our packages and also allocate the hours across different participating expert resources within the NextGen BrainTrust™, VMarket™ and MarkeTECH communities. Hours used over the monthly predetermined amount are charged at standard hourly advisory rates.




Monthly Package                     Hours     Skill Level     Virtual    Onsite Rate
Bronze                              10         All           $1,350/mo.   $1,500/mo.
Silver                              20         All           $2,600/mo.   $2,900/mo.
Gold                                30         All           $3,750/mo.   $4,350/mo.

NOTE: As is the case with our Hourly Advisory Sessions, not all resources within the NextGen Marketing Group™ participate in the Flat Rate Monthly Packages. Those resources that have chosen to participate in this program will have a (M) indicator on their respective bio’s in the Expert section of our website.

Resource requirements routinely in excess of 30 hours/month require a customized proposal and price quote and are not eligible for the Flat Rate Monthly Packages. Any excess hours over and above the flat allocated amount are charged at the standard hourly advisory rates. Projects that require both Virtual and Onsite work will be defined as “Hybrid” and be charged at the standard Onsite rate.

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