Hourly Advisory Sessions


The NextGen Marketing Group™ offers affordable access for all businesses and clients to our growing  resources across the country through either Virtual or Onsite (or both) advisory sessions. You can select one or more of our participating resources from any group—the NextGen BrainTrust™ Network, the VMarket™, and the MarkeTECH community.

Identified resources listed under our Expert Tab on our website and their corresponding profile—are available for hourly consultations. If they have chosen to participate in our standard hourly rate program, they will have an indicator on their bio (Η). If they have chosen to participate in our hourly advisory program, but have set their own rates—a dollar amount will be shown next to the indicator EXAMPLE— — (H) $200/hr. Also, each executive level is displayed on their bio to reflect their experience set and the corresponding rate level they charge for sessions (C-level, Exec, SME).

Hourly advisory sessions are a great way to get the benefit of outside perspectives on your business—at an affordable rate. Our experts can work with you as needed to provide an assessment of your marketing programs, give you advice and recommendations, or come on board for more extensive support as needed.

Our rates have been standardized for both Virtual (using phone, web or video conferencing) and Onsite (at your location). All Experts connected to NextGen Marketing Group™ are given the option of participating in this standard program at the standard rates. Only those Experts who have chosen to make themselves available will have the (H) indicator on their bio.

Standard rates for our Hourly Advisory Program are:


Virtual Advisory Session Pic



Resource Level                     Hourly Rate
CMO/C-Level                         $175/hr.
Exec Level                          $125/hr.
SME Level                           $100/hr.




Resource Level                     Hourly Rate
CMO/C-Level                         $200/hr
Exec Level                          $150/hr
SME Level                           $125/hr


NOTE: Work that requires BOTH Virtual and Onsite Hours will be charged at the appropriate rate for that work and must be identified on the submitted time sheet by our resources for payment.

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