Client Work Cases


The NextGen Marketing Group™ was founded in 2007 with the vision of being able to serve as a “go-to” marketing resource partner for firms of all sizes and industries—ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to large, multi-national firms. In our brief history, we have found this vision to be true and have worked with clients across the country to assist them in tackling their toughest marketing challenges.

Here is a sampling of some of the companies we have worked with as clients across various sizes:





Sojern Logo                                                          gogo-logo-lock


iocom logo                                                  SM-Capital Logo


Vinaporte Logo                                                          FIREFLIGHT LOGO


cenxlogo                                                         BetterLife


LS4_logo                                                   CQM_logo



Small Companies or Organizations (Schools):


png_logo                           RDAFN LOGO_edited-1


city high logo                                                                     itemize



getliffe                          Iowa Football Club



Mid-Size Firms:


monitronics logo                                                                      Integra Telecom


acs-logo                                                       Trivita Logo



Jamcracker Logo                                aircell_logo 2013



Large Companies and Multi-Nationals:


DishNetwork_Logo                                                               Georgia Pacific


l3 logo                                                                     US Cellular Logo 2013


Becton Dickinson                                                               dex one logo



genzyme                                                          tria_logo




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